A large healthcare employer in Santa Clarita shared their experience of partnering with Pleasantview Industries, a local organization dedicated to providing work services, supported employment and other support services to help their program participants with developmental disabilities achieve their highest level of independence in the community.

Their journey began two years ago with Jennifer Zimmerman, Pleasantview’s Supported Employment Coordinator. Jennifer first spent several hours at their facility, met with their leadership team, and developed a thorough understanding of what they do, and the work required. She then identified the best candidates for their open warehouse positions. While she helped prep the candidates about what to expect, the individuals being considered had to pass muster on their own during the actual job interview. Even more challenging was the schedule – night shifts for the most part – but the candidates were enthusiastic and truly wanted to work.

The company’s HR Director said that the job coach provided by Pleasantview made all the difference. “The job coach was brilliant. She had a perfect balance of sensitivity, transparency, close oversight of the employees, and continued coaching of these employees to help them understand and deliver on their responsibilities. She worked very closely with their supervisor and really became an extension of the leadership team.”

She went on to say that all were good performers, dependable and enthusiastic, even in a night shift described as a “tough job.” In fact, their standard onboarding of new employees comprised a full eight weeks of training and once completed, met their employer’s needs and expectations. She added, “Culturally, they blended in well and wanted to belong.” The company’s experience has been so positive that five Pleasantview program participants have been hired since their introduction to Jennifer.

When asked if she would continue to hire individuals with developmental disabilities, her answer was simple. “Absolutely, we’d love to continue our partnership with Pleasantview Industries.“

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