The mission of the SCV Mayor’s Committee is to educate businesses and companies on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. We seek to break down the potential biases that may exist and help employers recognize a larger pool of qualified candidates from which to hire.

Jennifer Zimmerman, Mayor’s Committee member, is the Supported Employment Coordinator at Pleasantview Industries. She supports people with disabilities in obtaining employment in the Santa Clarita Valley. In her 15 years of experience Jennifer has recognized a common thread in the feedback employers have given her regarding her clients they have hired. From that feedback, she has put together the following list of nine great reasons to hire a person with a disability.

1. Employers find these employees are dependable and reliable, rarely having unexpected absences. Statistics show that individuals with disabilities do have better rates of attendance.
2. Employers find that these employees learn and follow safety rules more attentively and experience fewer injuries.
3. Employers and employees benefit from diversity in the workplace. With diversity comes different points of view for problem solving and new ideas are brought to the table.
4. Companies enjoy improved morale and employees and customers appreciate the inclusive culture.
5. Employers observe these employees as more willing to learn new tasks and are open to new ideas in order to grow within the company.
6. Employees with disabilities report they are happy to be working and contributing to their community.
7. Employment offers the individual with a disability an opportunity to participate in society in new and more valuable ways.
8. Family, friends and the community of support are more likely to patronize businesses that hire people with disabilities.
9. Studies have shown that hiring individuals with disabilities can translate to higher profits for a company, making it an even better business decision.

Jennifer noted, “I have always felt that the disabled population here in Santa Clarita is the most untapped resource in our community. When employers are hesitant to hire a person with a disability, I tell them that in a few months they will see what a smart business decision they made, and will wonder why they didn’t do this sooner. And they do.”

The Santa Clarita Valley Mayor’s Committee Business Recognition Luncheon is held yearly in February to recognize employers who have hired individuals with disabilities as well as to bring community businesses together to assist in creating inclusive workplaces for all of their employees.

We encourage employers to contact the Mayor’s Committee via email at or by phone at (661) 705-7595.